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PGS Report

Gameday 2 ASSL 2020: PGS vs Titanes and Los Coyotes at Sportpark​​ Lissfeld

Close Call at Home! What do you think?

Close Call in the 1st Game vs Titanes!

Martin Einwagner – 26.06.2020

In a very close Game 1 (PGS wins​​ 12:11! – see main Article) both Teams had great plays which lead to some close calls for both teams.

In this case the call went the way of Titanes and the player was safe and the run was in. Do you think you would have made a different call? You can watch​​ the play by clicking on the picture below. To see all the games played on Gameday 2 click​​ here.


PGS Starting Lineup for Gameday 2 ASSL 2020 FLTR: Andreas Schinkinger, Rainer Bräuer, Martin Einwagner, Madds Lorenzen, Michael Leutgöb, Samamntha Einwagner, Lukas Maas, Christoph Huber, Georg Wollendorfer, Alexander Atzelsberger und Edward Wachs.

PGS Wins the First 2 Games of Gameday 2 – ASSL 2020​​ 

Sportpark Lissfeld – 26.06.2020

This Friday it was Gameday at Ballpark Lissfeld. PGS played a Doublheader vs Titanes and a friendly Game against Los Coyotes.​​ 

The sun​​ was shining bright and it was a perfect day to play some Ball. After a slow start in the first two innings PGS soon found it´s rhythm and answered with a great offense and an even more impressive defense in the following innings. With a 7 run deficit Lukas​​ Maas (SS) started the 3rd​​ Inning with an impressive Triple and set the course for a stunning comeback. Georg Wollendorfer (2nd​​ Base) continued with a hit over 2nd​​ base and an RBI. Ignited by their Teammates PGS´ Sticks were hot and at the end of the 4th​​ Inning the Team was trailing by only 2 runs. Through a great Team effort PGS managed to turn the game and won with a walk off RBI. Final Score 12:11.

PGS vs Los Coyotes.​​ 

In the 3rd game the hot Weather and the close previous games took a toll on the team and although the kept fighting till the end, Los Coyotes were in full control of the game, which was reflected in the final Score of 0:8.


But, nevertheless, it was a fantastic showing of PGS that day and it was a great day among Friends and Family enjoying​​ our shared Passion: SOFTBALL!!!


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PGS Report

Gameday 2 ASSL 2020: PGS vs bandits and Los Coyotes at Sportpark​​ Lissfeld

Some exceptional hitting @Sportpark Lissfeld

Battle of the “Bellies”

Spotlight Play of the day​​ vs Titanes 10.07.2020 - ME

Today´s Spotlight Play of​​ the Day features Moreno, playing for the Titanes and George “Gorkstar” Wollendorfer, playing Catcher for PGS

2 Runner in scoring position and “El Incomparable” at the plate - it was a tight spot for PGS and could easily result in a much closer game. These​​ Runs were kind of important, so Moreno´s “Baseball-Instincts” kicked in and found a way to “rattle” the Catcher, who was ready to make a play.

What do you think? Did this “Belly-Bump” go too far?

However though, we are all a big Softball- family and we always make amends.