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10.07.2020 | Freitag | #2


PGS Report

Gameday 2 ASSL 2020: PGS vs bandits and Los Coyotes at Sportpark​​ Lissfeld

Some exceptional hitting @Sportpark Lissfeld

Battle of the “Bellies”

Spotlight Play of the day​​ vs Titanes 10.07.2020 - ME

Today´s Spotlight Play of​​ the Day features Moreno, playing for the Titanes and George “Gorkstar” Wollendorfer, playing Catcher for PGS

2 Runner in scoring position and “El Incomparable” at the plate - it was a tight spot for PGS and could easily result in a much closer game. These​​ Runs were kind of important, so Moreno´s “Baseball-Instincts” kicked in and found a way to “rattle” the Catcher, who was ready to make a play.

What do you think? Did this “Belly-Bump” go too far?

However though, we are all a big Softball- family and we always make amends.